Are you looking for a new home for some of your collection? No worries; we can help you! 


We sell on your behalf. We answer all correspondence for you and ensure that your item gets a strong exposure as it is advertised on our social media platforms, uploaded on our website and will be available for viewing in our stores. 

We operate our sales using set price sales. We will suggest a value (in which you will receive back from the sale of your item) and add our discretionary fee on top to equal the sale price of the item. 

Once we have received your item; it will go through an authentication process and if the item passes, you will receive a stock sheet with suggested value(s) via email within 7 days. Please note the suggested value is just a guide and in most cases there will be opportunity for small negotiation. Once a value has been agreed between yourself and PRELovable we will list your item for sale. 

Your item(s) will stay with us for a contractual period of 8 weeks. If your item(s) still have not sold after 6 weeks, it will be reduced by 20%. This is completely optional however we ask that our client notifies us on whether they would like to opt in or out of this in the initial stages of the sale. If your items do not sell within the 8 weeks, unfortunately you will be asked to collect unless you would like to extend the contractual period. 

Once your item sells, you will be payed on the 1st of the following month in which it sold guaranteed it did not sell on our interest-free payment plan which in that case will be a little longer. All payments are scheduled for the 1st of the following month however due to our large volume of clients, it may take up to 7 days.