1. Identify the brand and designer of the handbag. This is often the most important factor in determining the value of a vintage or designer handbag. Some brands, such as Hermès and Chanel, are considered luxury brands and their handbags can command extremely high prices.

  2. Look at the condition of the handbag. A handbag that is in good condition will be worth more than one that is in poor condition. Look for signs of wear and tear, such as scuffs, scratches, and stains.

  3. Check for authenticity. Make sure to check for the brand's authenticity markings, such as a serial number or logo stamp.

  4. Check the material of the bag. Leather is the most common material used for designer handbags, but other materials, such as exotic skins or rare fabrics, can also add value to the bag.

  5. Look at the hardware. Designer handbags often feature high-quality hardware, such as gold or silver plating. The condition of the hardware can also affect the value of the handbag.

  6. Check the bag's age. Vintage handbags can be worth significantly more than newer ones, depending on the brand and designer. The older the bag, the more valuable it may be.

  7. Look at the style of the bag. Some styles, such as a classic Chanel flap bag, are considered iconic and will be worth more than other styles.

  8. Consider the rarity of the bag. Limited edition bags and those that were produced in small numbers will be more valuable than those that were produced in large quantities.

  9. Check for any notable provenance. If a vintage handbag has been worn or owned by a celebrity, this can add value to the bag.

  10. Compare the bag to similar ones on the market. Look at prices for similar handbags on websites such as eBay, fashion and resale platforms, and in vintage or consignment stores.

Please note that these are just general guidelines and the final value is determined by multiple factors and it is highly influenced by the demand and rarity. It's also important to consult with professional and certified expert appraisers to get a detailed and authentic value of your vintage or designer handbag.